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Units set up

The scenarios in which the units set up is free allow the players to deploy their units on the battlefield. This phase comes at the beginning of the game (first turn) for each player.

All units visible off the edge of the map must be set up during this phase. The deployment zone is limited to a portion of the map and is identified by a shadowed area. The opponent's deployment zone is shown by a grey contour on the map.

The position of the opponent's units on the map can be seen only in the second turn. Therefore the player who deploys second cannot know the first player's strategic options during the first turn.


Units are grouped into corps identified by a coloured strip along the top of the unit. These strips go from blue to indigo for the first player, and from yellow to red for the second player. Each corps is commanded by a leader (also called hereafter "general").

Each leader unit has a command radius shown by the number of "stripes". This number is the maximum radius of the leader's influence.

Command is checked after the units have been deployed in the first turn (for the scenarios with free deployment) then at the beginning of each player's turn.

All units may freely leave the command radius of their leader.

All units outside this command radius have their movement allowance halved (rounded down) for the turn.


The example aside shows a situation at the beginning of a turn before any movement.

The command radius of the green general (illustrated by the red disc) is two hexes.

The green infantry unit at the lower left of the figure belongs to the same corps and is not under command. Its movement allowance is halved for the turn (infantry: MA 3 divided by 2 = 1,5 rounded down = 1).

The blue unit belongs to the same player but to another corps. Therefore it is not affected by the green general's command.

If you are a beginner, remember to place your units within the command radius of their leader !