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23 th February 2006
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Victory conditions

The victory conditions are specific to each scenario. As a general rule capturing or occupying given positions on the map provide victory points.

Picture Name Type Effect

Objective hex

Occupied hex

The hex must be occupied at the end of the last turn of the game.

Control hex

Passing hex

The hex belongs to the last player who has passed through it.

Warning: leaders cannot gain these hexes.

Their control brings a number of victory points that varies with the scenario and the player. This picture shows that two points are awarded to the orange player (double hex contour).


Occupied zone or passing zone, depending on the scenario

All the hexes in the circle are considered, according to criteria specific to each scenario.


Other less common conditions may also be considered in the assessment of victory. The details of the scenarios are presented in the page "Scenarios". It is recommended to read this page so as to acquaint oneself with the victory conditions of a new scenario.

At the end of the game the victory points gained by each player are counted. The difference determines the level of victory :

  • difference of 0 = draw
  • difference of 1 = minor victory
  • difference of 2 = tactical victory
  • difference of 3 = major victory
  • difference of 4 or more = total victory