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23 th February 2006
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Latest revisions

The modifications and the new elements brought to these rules are listed hereafter

  • 2006/02/27 : Retreat after combat. The sentence "- Out of an enemy ZoC" was wrong. It is changed in "- Avoiding the hexes adjacent to the unit that causes the retreat".
  • 2006/02/27 : Combat phase. The chart of the terrain effects on combat makes it clearer that a bridge has no effect.
  • 2006/02/23 : Réaction Fire
  • 2005/11/26 : Movement Cost Chart and Retreat: tracks allow now to cross steep slopes that would have been impassable otherwise in some new scenarios. The movement cost is proportional to the number of slope symbols crossed: crossing a double slope symbol costs two points, crossing a triple slope symbol costs three points. These ways still cannot be used when retreating (charges, combat).
  • Victory conditions: the types of objectives are elaborated to prepare future scenarios.
  • 2005/11/15 : A new hex type, "coppice", enhances the graphics palette. It has the same characteristics as rough terrain, thus the only consequence regards aesthetics.
  • 2005/09/29 : Demoralised cavalry units cannot charge.